Could something like this create jobs and jump start your local economy?

Tax dollars should be spent with preferences toward the tax base they have been collected from, to perpetuate the tax base and tax revenue, rather than sending dollars out of the area.

You must look locally first!  Following this progression City>County>State>Regional>federal> last, outside USA.

Small businesses:

·         Create more jobs,

·         Do more good for local economies and making local economies more stable,

·         Tend to keep more of the American dollar in America,

·         Tend to invest more of their money in America,

·         Pay a higher percentage of taxes to total revenue dollar received,

·         Spread wealth to a greater number of people instead of concentrating it within a few.

Our governments should develop a purchasing plan that promotes the above desired results.


I propose that all government purchasing be required to use a preference point scale to award bids i.e.…

Each of these categories is eligible for a maximum of 20 percentage points.  The percentages for each category are

Then added together.  The company with highest total percentage points wins the bid. 

20% preference points for, 100% locally manufactured (Within Taxing Jurisdiction) “WTJ” (10% points for 50% locally manufactured), (5% points for 25% locally manufactured etc...)

20% preference points for 100% locally assembled “WTJ” products (10% for 50% locally assembled etc.)

20% preference points for 100% locally owned “WTJ” companies (10% for 50% owned etc.)

20% preference points for the smallest of small businesses (gross revenue under a million), (fewer points, 10% for over $1. Million gross, etc.) Rather than basing on color, nationality, or creed.

20% preference points for best price for product bid (higher prices would receive fewer price preference points        based on a 100% curve using best price as guide)

Bidder’s products must meet the specs, but all government specs must specify a product made from Within the Taxing Jurisdiction, if one is available. 

As you can see the above plan would promote investment in America, American made products, jobs, and businesses.  This would be a dis-incentive to moving manufacturing plants to other countries.  It would keep hard earned American tax dollars in America, in the hands of Americans, earning more hard earned American tax dollars etc.....  If this plan cost more dollars on the surface and it might, we would be paying higher prices to the same people who paid it in, rather than to foreign profiteers.  Tax dollars should be paid out with preference toward the tax base they have been collected from to perpetuate the tax base and tax revenue.   

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