Tell your friends and relatives that live in the district to vote for John Webb for Congress.

If you know of speaking opportunities in our district, please let us know.




If you are interested in being part of a courageous patriotic-minded team working to "Take Back America," volunteer opportunities are available.  Concerned citizens as well as students of all ages are wanted.  Internships are available to high school and college students.


Volunteer Positions:

·        Pole workers

·        Internships (participating in all aspects of the campaign)

·        County Director (coordinating volunteers & activities in your county)

·        PR Team (providing speaking opportunities for John Webb)

          (spreading the word to family and friends)

·        Telephone Team (covering phone bank or making calls)

·        Research Team (researching speeches, statistics, past votes)

·        Door to Door Team (distributing flyers)

·        Mail Media Team (mailing out flyers)

·        Greeter Team (shaking hands, discussing our platform)


If you want to join the "Take Back America" team please contact us below:

P.O. Box 166

Cleveland, MO  64734


Thank you for your support.

   Paid for by John Webb for Congress